9 thoughts on “Donald Trump warned against scrapping Paris climate deal”

  1. Bush did not pull us from Kyoto. We were never in. Even Clinton did not push it. The US never was obligated under Kyoto and Paris needs to be submitted as a treaty before we accept it as well. Paris is too big to be an executive agreement. Regardless of which side you are on regarding the climate debate, we should agree that this is too significant of a deal for 1 man to decide.

  2. Considering the one of the top U.N. proponents of this nonsense said the primary objective was to end Capitalism and Democracy. (at least she was being honest about it, more than I can say for many folks in this country) It seems obvious that we must reject it. To do that, we must elect leaders who are not blind followers of Gorebull propaganda.

    And not “community organizers”.

  3. Read what this idiot says.

    After Kyoto, there was a lot diplomatic flak. But he admits that Kyoto, in retrospect, was a flawed document. So it is clear that Bush was right.

    But we have to go along on Paris because the same group of “leaders” who created Kyoto are currently in favor of the Paris agreement. That makes no sense.

    My bet is , in retrospect, Paris accords will look a lot worse than flawed. And time will show that the President who gets us out of it will have done the right thing.

  4. It would be one of the first things I did when I got into office, the second rescind all previous executive orders. So much fun so little time.

  5. Todd Stern, is an A1 waffle merchant and knows not of what he drivels on about.

    The Paris agreement is just that, a cobbling together of a very loose accord, binding it is not except in the eyes of the deluded the promulgators of the great scam ……and of course the incipient OWG which resides in a NYC water front building.

    The day cannot arrive soon enough, a day when a REPUBLICAN wins the White HOUSE.. be it, Mr. Trump or, for that matter TX Senator. Ted Cruz, Fl Sen. Marco Rubio and thus to dump the green agenda. Hallelujah! it will be a glory pass touch down for all of the free world and for the opposition there will be no comeback.
    Indeed no comeback for, without the taxpayer $billions the USA pours into the coffers of the green blob (and by extension the UN) the great scam will cease to exist and it will be a long overdue death.
    As we say in England “kill the green agenda”, and with and through the auspices of one of – the aforementioned gentlemen (Trump et al) – “about bloody well time – too!”

  6. Who cares?
    We never joined the League of Nations, that was even a product of the mind of a US President, despite the universal agreement. We were right then, and would be right now to reject another attempt at global governance — all of which are detrimental to the United States and it founding principles. Besides, it is junk science that is without any merit.
    The rationale was debunked by mothers years ago with “if your friends all jumped of a bridge, would you do it?”

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