3 thoughts on “Democrats produce video attacking GOP on climate”

  1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz looked terrible in these adds, what has happened to her. These adds were pure political and are not based on facts. As more and more data comes in, we are even finding that the actual reported temperature measurements are wrong and have inflated the true temperature from anywhere between 1x to 2.5x the real temperatures. This is simply caused by poor citing of the thermometers and the fact that the “controllers of the data” are ignoring the Urban Heat-Island (UHI) effects. The UHI effects can be as much as 3 to 8 Deg C depending on location and time of year. The true satellite data is not polluted by these inaccuracies that are being forced on an un-educated public.

  2. The “Do your job” comment at the end was reminiscent of: Check your brains at the door, don’t look under the hood, and believe everything we tell without question.

  3. I couldn’t get the sound to work at the start – but as it’s the same dishonest drivel that always comes out in these appalling videos I really didn’t need it.

    And – when Ted Cruz says “the satellites show no warming” he is simply just stating the facts. So clearly what the idiot democrats don’t like is being reminded of the very facts that they themselves deny.

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