6 thoughts on “Confusion reigns as UK scientists face government ‘gagging’ clause”

  1. The public trough (taxpayers and fully subsidized loan money) is being thrown around freely by crony (capitalist???) bureaucrats who couldn’t balance a budget if their lives depended on it. These “alarmists” sole agenda is to create a false economy and if these businesses fail, which inevitably it does, they will bail them out with other people’s money (socialism). As long as phony businesses are bailed out, they will never adopt successful practices.

  2. The bottom line: never trust the pronouncements of any individual or organization with govt funding, political connections, or an axe to grind. Real scientists produce useful innovations which they can patent, sell to commercial interests, and collect royalties to fund further research. No need for slimy political fingers to be in the pie.

  3. Just realised that this also applies to the BBC!

    The BBC who have conducted one of the most deceitful political campaigns since the Nazi party’s own “big lie”. Gone will be all the none-stop “let’s cry a crocodile tear-athons” to “raise public awareness” (aka influence government)

  4. These people have their noses so deep in the trough of public money – and they are so used to pushing their vile anti-society anti-economy eco-political views at the rest of us using this public money, that they now feel it is their god given right to use our money to push their vile politics at us.

    The reality is what they are doing is criminal fraud. They are telling lies in order to get money. Their crimes should be punished with the full force of the law not endorsed with more pig-swill to their trough.

  5. Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills? Since when does ANY government know any thing about these three things?
    Can’t you just feel the “Big Brother” smothering attitude of government towards business, innovation, skills, and truth?
    I think Stalin had a Department of Business, Innovation, and Skills, didn’t he?
    At least they almost admit that all the real innovation and skills come from business and not academia or politics.

  6. If the “researchers” do not like it, they could always look for private funding for their chosen field. Then they would know what their work is really worth, rather than what some government clerk thinks it may be worth. I suspect the answer, in most cases, would be “Not Much”.

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