4 thoughts on “Claim: CO2 emissions can be cut to 80% below 1990 levels for no cost”

  1. Well, I anticipate that future costs of renewable whale oil will enable it to replace all other fuels, so help fund my non-existent proposal for whale farming in Oklahoma.

    Oh, and while it may well be that Tesla should have won the AC/DC fight, at least for transmission of power from generating origin to end-usage point, I suspect replacing the existing national grid with a NATIONALISED grid [of different tech to boot!] is an extremely bad and costly idea.

  2. A nation-wide DC-connected grid? Isn’t the very reason why alternating current (AC) won out over direct current (DC) by Edison is because AC can be moved very long distances with low resistance? I recall a Discovery program that touted the ineffectiveness of DC in the state of NY alone – that new generating stations would have to be put in every few dozen miles in order to keep the electricity flowing. How is it that a national grid of small- to medium-size DC generators going to keep the electricity on across the entire nation, 24/7, without storage concerns being part of the mix?

    In other news with the same likelihood, one day we’ll send humans to explore the undersea oceans of Europa or at the very least set it up as a fueling point for space travel.

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