4 thoughts on “Canada badly missing self-imposed CO2 targets”

  1. I’m sure that trend will reverse, now that the oil patch is shutting down, and even if the price of oil climbs back up, the oil patch will never be what it was, due to the corruption and ineptitude of both Notley’s and Trudeau’s govts.

  2. Get out a map of Canada and tell me that this “warmer earth” that allegedly is coming is really going to hurt them. All that worthless uninhabited land in their far north, just waiting for new migrants…

  3. Yes, the only way Canada will meet these targets if all of Canada into a national park. Of course Canada is considered by the enviro terrorists as the worst of the worst even though the amount of CO2 emissions is negligible in light of world wide emissions. Canada lets the enviro terrorists get away with all sorts of actions that they would be thrown in jail for in China and Russia and this will be more so under the new green part time drama teacher that Canada elected as its prime minister.

  4. It’s OK though, because Justin is “leading from the heart, now”. His brain has been turned off, and only “sunny ways”, will be tolerated. We have thousands of useless wind turbines, and dusty solar panels, and we pay exorbitant electricity rates. Surely that counts for something? Our manufacturing has moved to Mexico, and everything else comes from China. We even have a few people rich enough to own Teslas. What are we to do? If only the lefties would agree to stop breathing so much, and so often…..I’m sure that would work. 😉

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