3 thoughts on “Airlines cave on climate — starting in 2028”

  1. Tadchem
    Not forgetting that the extra CO2 would be highly beneficial to the world economy in terms of increased crops and even more greening of marginal lands such as the Sahel. Marvelous !

  2. The CO2 levels have gone up about 10% since the ‘pause’ began, and there are no indications that the pause will not continue.
    With 2400 more coal-fired power plants coming online, by about 2028 there will have been 20 years of unabated growth in CO2 since the ‘pause’ began, reaching about 17% higher than 1998 levels.
    If there is no *noticeable* warming by then, it will be almost undeniable that AGW is BS, and it will be nearly impossible to persuade anybody otherwise.

  3. The airline industry has always been in a push for more efficiency and I suspect that this is really small potatoes overall. Even though the price of oil is near historic lows the volatility of fuel prices will drive purchase of more efficient airliners going forward as it represents 40% of airlines costs at times. To put that in perspective, the 787 is 22% more fuel efficient that the 767 it replaced. The 737 Max is 15% more efficient and both these are the traditional tube with wings layout seen for the last 75 years. Blended wing body configurations might add another 30% efficiency and mounting engines over the wings or tail would allow larger fans and additional efficiency. I suspect that this agreement really does nothing that the major carriers with Boeing and Airbus aren’t already doing but it might make it more difficult for new airline manufacturers to get in the game.

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