Wildfire acreage sets record in 2015, but…

… the number of wildfires was down by more than 4,500.

Here’s the hysteria from ClimateCentral.com.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.32.33 AM

Here’s some perspective from the National Interagency Fire Center:

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 9.30.50 AM

Undoubtedly, wildfire acreage burned is also affected by where the fires are and the fire fighting strategy, timing employed. CO2 as a factor? Only in the propaganda of warmists.

6 thoughts on “Wildfire acreage sets record in 2015, but…”

  1. Typical envirokook propaganda. If there’s a surge in spring tornadoes, it’s man’s fault, but if the next few years are low, they won’t be trumpeting that. If Katrina had been followed by a Cat 3 ‘cane every other year until now, it would be big news, but hurricanes have dwindled in this era of unchecked CO2.

    Same goes for wildfires. I seriously doubt Mr. Kahn has perused cyclical wildfire data over long periods of time (say centuries) & put that up against his proclamation that 2015 wildfire data means we need Kyoto or something akin.

    Too bad these folks have given their lives to repeating government press releases & not looking at the big picture.

  2. Alaska’s 5.1 million acres is the main contributor for total acres burned in 2015. WA and OR had very dry and busy summers as well. Keep in mind the NIFC defines wildfires as 1/10 of an acre for federal and state agencies that report to them. A 200′ long fire in a freeway median = 1 wildfire.

  3. Yet another ‘record’ that serves mainly to indicate the paucity of historical data. the 45 years displayed are but 5% of the 1900+ years of continuous written history.

  4. That’s the US but Don’t forget about 2015 massive massive forest fires in Indonesia ..making the annual SE Asia smog haze the worst ever *
    and the massive massive smogs of Beijing and Delhi ..which will have affected climate.

    * Fires mainly clearing land for palm oil, partially fueled by bio fuel laws in Europe

  5. The parasitoidal government of that strange little foreign country that’s called the District of Columbia is a gong show government.

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