3 thoughts on “Warmists blow milk forecast”

  1. I paid $1.75 a gallon yesterday at Aldis for Milk. What do you have to pay in Kalifornia?

    Here in Nothern NY the milk plants are dumping milk right now, at least that is the rumor going around from the farmers. Farm gate prices have come back, to a price that a few years ago. They were happy with, $17 per 100 pound of butterfat. Many still complain that they have no money. Part of the $17 is from USDA price stabilization scheme. Best to remove the price signal to help keep overproduction!

  2. At present NZ is suffering due to the oversupply of milk – many NZ dairy farmers will hit the wall since they are not even recouping the cost of production – the greenies keep bleating about being able to feed the worlds population yet there is oversupply in almost every farm produced food, with the result that those farmers who are not being subsidized by their Governments (no subsidies in NZ) are all facing this terminal problem

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