Walmart CEO in Davos: Ignore climate skeptics

I remember when climate skeptics made a Walmart CEO pee in his pants. reports:

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True story. At the first Wall Street Journal Eco-Nomics conference (circa 2006), climate skeptics literally kept then Walmart CEO Lee Scott up at night.

At the opening dinner of the conference, a small group of climate skeptics (amid a heavy majority of warmists and rentseekers) embarrassed GE CEO Jeff Immelt during a Q&A session. We peppered Immelt with questions about GE’s embrace of warmism. The ill-prepared, thin-skinned Immelt essentially imploded under the our pressure. He looked really bad.

The next day I was backstage getting ready for my panel when one of the Wall Street Journal hosts came up to me and said that Walmart CEO Lee Scott had related to him that morning that he couldn’t sleep after watching Immelt get pummeled by skeptics.

So, new Walmart CEO, bring it on.

7 thoughts on “Walmart CEO in Davos: Ignore climate skeptics”

  1. Going green is SO good for business that I read Walmart is closing ~270 stores and laying off 16,000 employees. Yeah, REEAAAL good for business…

  2. It’s always go along to get along. Don’t these people have any independent thoughts? Don’t they read alternative information?

  3. Go green and utilize electronic bank or credit card statements. They do not care about the planet, they care about saving on postage and paper and printing. The credit card companies have an added benefit that you miss their electronically delivered statement, and have to pay a late fee, plus interest. A statement on the refrigerator makes a good reminder to pay the bill.

    I have closed one bank account that wanted $8 per month for delivering a paper statement.

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  4. “good for business” means good PR, not good science. Public opinion is notoriously fickle; scientific facts are not.

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