4 thoughts on “Video: Only in my back yard — Skeptic persecutor Sen. Whitehouse backs $700 million fossil fuel plant in Rhode Island”

  1. Thanks, Benny, for reminding us that we don’t really know how that kind of oil, more properly named as “petroleum”, got there in the first place. Since some form of life has existed on this planet for an excess of 3 billion years, it is possible that a billion or more years of dead protozoa made up the oily layer that lies under most of the top crust. Some years ago there was an experimental drilling into the giant slab of granite which is Sweden to see if there actually was any oil to be found. At a crazy depth they actually found a slurry of oil, unretrievable and hence unmarketable, but nevertheless strongly suggestive that there is indeed an oily layer under most of the earth, existing in an amount so large that humans would never be able to consume all of it, as the “peak oil” alarmists assured us we would. Persisting in calling it “fossil” is a way of reminding us that it somehow came from our animal-plant heritage which we must preserve at all costs. Control the language and you control the debate.

  2. True! It’s all laid out, in detail, in Thomas Gold’s “The Deep Hot Biosphere, The Myth of Fossil Fuels”, With a Foreword by Freeman Dyson. ISBN 978-0-387-95253-6

  3. We really need to get over the false claim of “fossil fuels”. There is simply no proof that oil came from fossils.
    Oil was created when the earth was formed and there is almost unlimited amounts of it.

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