3 thoughts on “UN energy chief: Cheap oil threatens renewables, energy ‘efficiency’ efforts”

  1. Why isn’t Green Peace staging angry and obstructive “demonstrations” to block Iranian oil exports?

  2. It is all about globalization, and why people cannot see these two huge dots and not connect them is out of the realm of reason. And for the ones who think the “Paris Climate Conference” and the subsequent “agreement” (Treaty), does not turn into something the UN will be able to override our constitution with is in la-la land. Sole authority does not have to be in writing at this point to override our Constitution. Don’t ask congress to help, some have already tried and stopped by the Marxists, and RINO progressives. Don’t ask the Supreme Court to help, They won’t and for sure liberals will not ever be happy until we have no Constitution.

  3. Money is again the bottom line.
    Those who would control the rest of us want to raise the cost of living (and everything else) so that we don’t have any ‘disposable income’ any more.
    We should all live a bare subsistence lifestyle, foregoing any conveniences or improvements in our private lives, while trusting Them with all the money we earn, but don’t absolutely need to survive.
    After all, They know what is best for all of us, better than we know ourselves.

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