5 thoughts on “UK expects COLDEST winter in 58 years”

  1. “Scientists” helped politicians deceive the public in exchange for research grant funds after 1945.
    But precise measurements from the nuclear and space age leave no doubt: The force in the Sun itself is the creator, preserver and destroyer of atoms, lives and planets in the solar system.


    Acceptance of reality is the best – and perhaps only – way to restore our troubled society to sanity.

  2. I fully understand why so many past civilizations worshiped the sun, because they understood that the sun was the creator of our galaxy and all that it contains – including life support.

  3. I hope they got extra equipment for their salt mine.
    A few years ago, their single face mining machine broke during a cold spell.
    Shortages were bad and so were the roads.

  4. Rob P Morley-Smith,

    Neutron repulsion is the nuclear force that causes cores of

    1. Heavy atoms like uranium and plutonium to fission
    2. Some planets like Jupiter to generate excess heat
    3. Ordinary stars like the Sun to explode as supernova, or
    4. Emit neutrons that decay into the solar-wind hydrogen
    4. Galaxies like the Milky Way to fragment into galaxies of stars
    5. The Universe to expand and fill interstellar space with hydrogen

    Probably other ordinary stars generate the atomic chemical elements that comprise any planetary material that or it’s the star.

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