4 thoughts on “The Climate Snow Job”

  1. So, so tired of all the lies about man made climate change – over it all!!!!
    Those that ‘believe’ in the HOAX will continue to ‘believe’ in the lies.
    “A man convenienced against his will, is of the same opinion still”, My mother quoted this often!
    Look at how many people still believe bho is a great president!
    Point made.

  2. There are those that have an agenda, and that is to have access to and secure funding for any and all alternative based methods of energy sources. It is more taxpayer/government “free” subsidy money, which even if they fail and go bankrupt, they needn’t repay the lost money of the “loan”. Therefore further deficits are created onto the backs of the bamboozled taxpayers.

  3. As normal as the US freezes we in the UK have had an unusually mild winter. That means trying to rub the idiot’s faces in the cold is not going to work this winter in Scotland – however as NASA and NOAA are the ones fabricating warming through their adjustments in the long run a republican president is the best way to bring common sense back to this subject.

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