4 thoughts on “Tesla propped up by $4.9 billion from taxpayers”

  1. @Dave Burton
    You do realize it’s not all going to Tesla Motors, yes? Or perhaps you don’t.
    Subsidies or not, Musk is creating jobs IN AMERICA – lots of them.
    From ~3000 in late 2012 doubling to 6000 in mid-2013, a bit over 10,000 by the end of 2014 and should have already hit 14000.
    All told, SpaceX, Solar City and Tesla Motors has a headcount of ~32000 so the $4.9 billion that’s got you all in a twist is ~$153,000 each – which is probably only 3 yrs salary for the average employee and pretty much all those subsidies will be phased out in a year or two as certain thresholds are met.
    The Silevo plant in Buffalo will replace a long-shuttered steel mill and employ 3000 workers.

    Musk’s companies employs a LOT of veterans, too. Don’t they deserve decent jobs?
    Would you prefer they add to the significant numbers of vets living off food stamps or part-time menial labor?

  2. Wow, even more expensive than the cash for clunkers boondoggle. Our government sure likes to prop up the rich.

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