9 thoughts on “‘Supermodel’ Cara Delevingne Tells Donald Trump Off Over Global Warming”

  1. Are we to actually believe this chick has over 1 million people following her tw*tter account? Talk about delusional.

  2. Could it be that this skinny babe is so clueless that she doesn’t have a clue that she is clueless? Not just about climate, but about most things. Don’t you just love looking at a woman whose kneecaps are more noticeable than her boobs?

  3. I have written a short piece on global warming: The Myth of Global Warming by: Jim Hollingsworth. It has the answer in a nutshell. Like the post above one would not expect a model to understand much of the science of global warming. Look for it on the Internet.
    Jim Hollingsworth

  4. Cara lacks a “thought process” and instead is relying on her “THOT process”.

    Shame on me. 😉

  5. She needs to eat something so she gets out of derilium. Who is isctge ugly moron anyway. Never heard of her and hope I never will.

  6. Mr. Cara is a model. They are not known for their extreme intelligence, never mind ability to reason out scientific theories… What she thinks is about the climate, is no more important than what she thinks about unicorns.

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