3 thoughts on “Study: EPA climate rules stack the deck against states”

  1. How many, if any, do you reckon of the sellouts and greedy pig parasitoids who inhabit Goofyville on the Potomac understand that there IS NOT ample energy for powering the nation’s economy then there will be no money with which to pay the taxes upon which their ability to make a living by stealing from the nation’s economically productive Citizens depends?

  2. I simply wonder why we continue to elect politicians who are sell-outs and greedy pigs, who will not do something about regulatory agencies who do the bidding of the UN and their stealth plan of implementing the Agenda 21? there is nothing in the constitution about not touching and cleaning out the liberal Marxist bunch of globalists? Congress will have to rid itself of the Marxists, and RINO progressives; they won’t do it themselves so it looks like we the voter will have to.

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