2 thoughts on “Obama’s climate agenda on trial”

  1. Global warming – the anti-CO2 campaign – which is in practice and anti-industry/commerce campaign, is because it is in essence an anti-private sector campaign, is for obvious reasons largely a religion of the public sector.

    So, e.g. if the aim were really to reduce CO2 – then the obvious and fair way to do this, would be to cut population so that no one today suffers, but that the amount of CO2 used by people with the same economic wealth is smaller because there are fewer of them. However, that does not satisfy the main aim of those pushing global warming which is to attack the private sector industry today – not to do anything to help future generations.

    So, yes, judges as public sector employees will tend to be overwhelmingly supportive of the global warming religion – but the problem is that mother nature is not. And whilst a judge can do a “king Canute” and order that the world is warming – mother nature is telling us it is not.

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