4 thoughts on “NOAA can’t even measure Washington DC snowfall correctly”

  1. Steve,

    I retired from NWS in 2010. If I recall correctly, light snow, according to NWS, accumulates at .2/hr…if that still holds then the snowfall at National would be slightly higher at 18.1 inches. However texture/ratio would be important. As you say there was also moderate snow falling during that time frame which would tend to make the total higher.

    From Reagan Airport Obs here is the precipitation with….considerable blowing snow and the total “liquid” precipitation from 5-6pm was .03 6-7pm .04 and 7-8pm .01

    One of the most difficult things to forecast is snow especially with the Appalachians on once side and Ocean on the other…the next most difficult thing is to measure snow when you have a blizzard warning in effect. I measured my share of snows and several were in blizzard conditions. Sometimes if you are within 6 inches you are doing a pretty good job at measuring under those conditions.

    Thanks for peaking my interest and

  2. Thank God that people understand the real issue. Exaggeration and outright manipulation, plus deceit in order to increase budget spending and tax increases. Everyone is caught up in this deceit, colleges for free grant funding, and crony capitalists for free subsidy money. Bankruptcy is the end result.

  3. The mis-measurement is deliberate, as they have to prove that a blizzard is owing to their fantasy of AGW. And oh, send us more funding.

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