One thought on “‘Net Zero’ Progress: 8 Years Later And The Military’s Green Energy Plan Is Still ‘Unrealistic’ And ‘Cost Prohibitive’”

  1. At its ~most~ optimistic this is only something that could be achieved at training and depot facilities.
    Since the main purpose of any military is to go and break things until the opponent either says enough or ceases to exist it needs to be able to go from a standing start to full lock and load rock and roll in the minimum amount of time humanly possible. This is so incompatible with a net zero energy policy that it is a waste of energy and other resources to even study the situation except from the standpoint of how new technology can make the system go from zero to full military power faster.
    The best that can reasonably expected is that minor improvements in efficiency will occur over time.
    Of course, since the eco-freaks are not reasonable people they neither understand the true military mission nor are they interested in understanding that mission.

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