2 thoughts on “Lomborg: Are wind and solar energy already competitive with fossil fuels?”

  1. Lomborg is a chicken warmist. Understandable, after sticking his neck out with a good honest book,
    he decided to drink the cool aid without giving any evidence that global warming was in any way influenced by human activity. He can’t because there isn’t any. But he realized, after the flack he got for his well-researched book, that his career might be on the line. That’s what kind of “warmest” he is. In reality probably a closet skeptic like many others. When will they all come out of the closet? If skeptics happen to be politically conservative and already retired, it’s easy. You can’t get hurt. However, if you are younger, active in your scientific field, and politically liberal, it’s impossible. I suspect that’s Lomborg and thousands of others who are scientists, want to play by the rules of science (which is the only way you can really be a scientist), and believe generally in liberal causes, you are stuck because the enviro-nazis have taken over academia.

  2. I would not characterize Mr. Lomborg as a warmist. He has written extensively showing the unsettled nature of climate “science,” as well as identifying much more realistic threats to mankind such as malaria and AIDS.
    Bill Bornak

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