How Scared Should You Be About Zika?

“But governments and nonprofit agencies decided too early that the job had been done, and dismantled these programs to save money. Now the mosquito is back.”

Our public health bureaucracy should be focused on killing mosquitos, not behavior control (guns, soda etc.).

Mike Osterholm writes in the NYTimes:

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2 thoughts on “How Scared Should You Be About Zika?”

  1. When it comes to mosquito breeding grounds, there is one very large type that is easily overlooked. Flat roofs. Where I worked the buildings all had flat roofs and after a spell of moisture I climbed up one day to work on AC filters. The roofs were covered with ponds of water and they all had a strange little round island in the middle of them– the roof drains! Mosquito haven, out of sight, out of mind.

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