5 thoughts on “Google Chairman Thinks AI Can Help Solve World’s ‘Hard Problems’”

  1. I agree. Al Gore COULD redeem his tattered reputation, restore integrity to official science and benefit society, because . . .

    All Earth’s inhabitant share a common interest in understanding the nature of the forces that control our lives.

    Al Gore helped destroy the integrity of science, using his talents as a conmunicator to deceive the public and degrade a path to truth that is as sacred to me as Catholicism is to the Pope.

    That is why I object when Popes, politicians and pseudo-scientists joined forces to hide from the public the FORCE of creation, preservation and destruction:


    If anyone here has email addresses for either Al Gore or his staff, please forward this message to them.

    Al Gore is a great communicator. He might now be the best carrier of a message of reconciliation from skeptics to believers in AGW.

    If former Vice-President Gore or his staff have any questions about the scientific validity of the above document, encourage them to come to this site and publicly challenge them or privately ask me to answer any questions they have.

  2. I have never met Al Gore and going from the reports of what he has said – what he has done and what he continues to hypocritically preach, I don’t want to!

  3. Yes. But “artificial” intelligence is an excellent description of the process Al Gore employed to generate fear-mongering, AGW propaganda.

  4. The problems are ‘hard’ because they require value judgments – decisions influenced by individual human experience, training, ethics, values, etc. – things that either cannot be programmed into AI.
    AI cannot be relied upon to make those decisions in a way that will lead to be best interests of humans.

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