4 thoughts on “Global Temperature Trend Propaganda Video: Who Needs Peer Review?”

  1. Scientist say the universe is made of Protons, neutrons, and electrons. But they forgot to include Morons.

  2. “believe”? “suggests”? “could”?
    Those words negate all persuasive power of the statement.
    BTW, the power of science is that it allows ‘findings’ to be challenged in the court of Reality so we may keep only those which withstand the test of *independent* objective measurements. If the ‘findings’ CAN be undercut, they SHOULD be discarded.

  3. I saw the video and what an anti-science travesty. Remove the satellites for a moment. We have a long history of radiosonde measurements that happen to agree nearly identically to the satellites. Radiosondes carry the most accurate and best calibrated temperature sensors we have today and they benefit from constant leading edge improvements in instrument technology. So, are these climate frauds going to now claim that the radiosondes are lying too? They’ll need to explain why three liars (UAH, RSS, and radiosondes) all tell the same story – three liars never tell the same story.

  4. the balance of the evidence ? he must have a very lopsided scale because in the real world the balance of the evidence suggests that man made warming doesn’t exist … if he believes that he’s is a m o r o n …

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