5 thoughts on “Donald Trump On UK Pollution Fine: ‘What Kind Of Scam Is This?’”

  1. Donald Trump is a nasty little bully boy, we don’t want him in the UK.
    There should be a £20,000,000 anti Trump tax

    Cant imagine why anyone would want such an odious little $hit in the white house

  2. I wonder how many of the attendees to COP21 were fined/taxed in this manner, or if there were special waivers? What about diplomats and government officials? Mr. Obama flew the people’s Air Force 1 to Paris, for instance. So did the Pope and teams of rent seekers from around the world.

  3. The easy way for Trump to deal with this is to fire enough people, with great public fanfare, from the projects in Scotland to remove the same amount as the “fine” [extortion]from the Revenue Services collections.
    By the time the ripple effect takes hold the government will show a net loss of about twice the fine.
    Lather – Rinse – Repeat
    until the moron bureaucrats start getting enough heat to realize that this policy is a net looser for everyone except the enviro-fascists.

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