4 thoughts on “Donald Trump fined for CO2 emissions from one of his private jets”

  1. Tom, I agree, the EU is a sad perpetration on the soverignty of European countries, and it is falling apart, just like any socialist union does, because socialism does not work, has never worked, even Karl Marx couldn’t make it work. but it is no joke, and we are headed in the same direction with the North American Union; to follow on the heels of the Pacific Trade Agreement that Obama wants to sign by executive order. it is just another step in global citizenry and the UNs ability to overrule the Constitution. (I know what you meant, and just had to add a bit to your great one-line comment.)

  2. But the thousands of jets that the global warmists used to party in Paris (while lecturing the rest of us to cut back on our lives) didn’t merit any EU concerns. Typical.

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