8 thoughts on “Did Spain’s US conquest trigger a ‘little ice age’?”

  1. Maunder minima (LIA) was a concocted LIE by Hubert Man, to con the public that ice age by year 2000, if still burning fossil fuel:
    How LIA started:
    Just before the phony LIA, population in north Africa increased – uncontrollable wildfires made Sahara bigger Sahara, and started producing ”extra” dry heat – that extra dry heat increased evaporation in the Mediterranean; Mediterranean doesn’t have any tributaries to replenish the water deficit from higher evaporation- it’s only Nile – decreasing vegetation upstream decreased water in Nile also. Therefore: EXTRA warm-water in the ”Gulf-stream” was going from Mexican gulf into the Mediterranean – ”gulf-stream” supplies water to Mediterranean AND in North-Sea / Baltic – more into Mediterranean = LESS share warm tropical water going to Denmark and Latvia = less warm-water to evaporate around England and less warming the area = LIA. was created.

    You will instantly say: but now Sahara is just as big, why and how LIA finished?!! Constant debate when LIA finished, because in the finishing years might have influenced other freak events, so, it’s unclear for them, but, YOU will tell them exactly; which year the LIA officially finished! I’ll tell you how: you go to the library and find out what year exactly the Suez canal was opened. BECAUSE: from that year on; some of the water ”deficit” from evaporation in Mediterranean was supplied by water coming from the Red sea into Mediterranean (I think was 1883, can’t remember) ”Less gulf-stream hot water” needed to come to Mediterranean = BIGGER share of warm-water started going to Denmark – more tropical hot-water started evaporating around England and was warming the area = LIA finished!

    Plus: you will find out that: since finishing day of LIA until today; LESS water from river Rheine and river Seine from Paris drains now in the sea; plus many other small rivers and creeks from Latvia to northern Spain; because of use of lots of water for industries, for bigger cities, much MORE irrigation = LESS cold water from the Alps drains into north sea from Rheine, probably only half of the water now, than during LIA. What that means: because is high evaporation, where hot and cold water meet = north sea and Baltic started sucking EXTRA tropical warm-water from the Mexican gulf – when more warm-water evaporation, warms more around England. Do you think that those events affected the WHOLE planet? Most of the ”Skeptics” think so… For most, England is ‘’the globe’’

    The biggest proof of LIA you have is: on a picture people scatting on frozen river Thames for few days. Well, two years ago, 1000 miles south/ closer to the equator; in Serbia and Romania river Danube 10 times bigger river than Thames, was completely frozen for two weeks, well recorded, same as Thames frozen scatting (people record unusual events, good days are boring) thousands color photos were made, BUT – now the shonks were not able to declare it as: midi ice age for 300y, because: when Danube was frozen and people were dying from cold in England, Poland – at exactly the same time was record braking heat in Australia and people were dying in the big bush-fires. Now you know how and why LIA happened – tell the world in your English: when the person was painting, people scatting on Thames – at same weeks in Australia was scorching heat, hotter than normal!

    The ”honest” people refer for the phony LIA as the Renaissance. It was the time of biggest prosperity in Europe. They introduced paper, invented the printing press. From America were introduced in Europe potatoes, corn, capsicums, pumpkins and other crops (I’m not going to mention tobacco) They were bringing wealth from the colonies, great prosperity! To make a phony LIA from a photo; needs fertile imagination for crap… (there are pictures taken from Australian Aboriginal people, ”naked” over 200y ago, even in snowy Tasmania) Therefore: – Australia was on different globe during the phony LIA…?!

  2. And no mention of the effects of European Diseases that the residents of the New World had little or no immunities to being the cause of the population demise and not Catholicism.
    Another B.S, paper posing as science when it really has an entirely different agenda.
    Add another vote for the Maunder Minimum Theory.

  3. Wait a minute. We have always been lectured that the native people lived in harmony with nature and that the white Europeans caused all the problems with our atmosphere and climate. And caused the increase in CO2.

    However, now to give the climate change crowd an excuse for the Little Ice Age, this study says CO2 went down because there were more Europeans and fewer natives!

    Of course, the scientific consensus and the MSM won’t notice the hypocrisy (not to mention absurdity) in this study’s conclusions.

  4. No mention of the Spanish Catholics stopping the horrendous human sacrifices in the Aztec Empire – for instance something like 80,000 in one day to celebrate the crowning of a new king. Hey! The stopping of the sacrifices to the snake god caused the Little Age! And things have been warming up since the sacrifices have restarted and become more widespread, i.e., abortion on demand, partial-birth-abortion, etc.

  5. Of course, the Little Ice Age was already underway for 100 years before Columbus, Cortez & company figured out a way how to get here. The link between agricultural status on Earth and Sunspots may well be cause and effect, but I suspect it should be termed effect and cause.

  6. Well, sonofagun, how ’bout that? Confabulations tend toward being fraught with ambiguities. Whoda thunkit.

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