3 thoughts on “Detroit’s Auto Industry Is Changed, but Not as Washington Planned”

  1. pure Utopian nonsense … we already have autonomous vehicles, they are called taxis, buses and trains … and yet people want to drive themselves … always will …

  2. Yabut how many of those F-150’s are &/or will be the shared vehicles of the future like taxis, for example. Will the F-150 ever be – has it ever been the top-selling vehicle in the world. Shared electric vehicles may or may not be the answer for the future, but the F-150 is a bad example of what could be.

    Only in Amurica, where the size of your 4×4 is inversely proportional to your IQ.

  3. For the 34th consecutive year, the top-selling make/model vehicle in the US is the Ford F-150 Pickup truck.
    ’nuff said…

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