3 thoughts on “Denmark sets world record for wind energy production”

  1. They are also connected to the much larger Swedish grid so as a percentage of grid size this is not so spectacular.

  2. Wow – they’ve got a whole 5,030 MW installed capacity operating at 25% capacity factor: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wind_power_in_Denmark

    Over the 25 year design life of everyone of those turbines they will deliver 275.4 billion kWh of low carbon electricity.

    Hinkley Point C’s 3,260 MW Nuclear Power Plant, on a site of 0.67 sq km and operating at 90% capacity factor, will deliver 1,542.3 billion kWh over its 60 year design life, at figures quoted between £18 and £24.5 billion – it’s also low-carbon electricity.

    So Hinkley would deliver that ~18% of its output (275.4 billion kWh) for about £4 billion.

    I wonder what the whole Danish wind farm fleet cost? We never ever seem to get that kind of information quoted – it’s always % of this and % of that.

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