5 thoughts on “Climate alarmists invent new excuses: Satellites are lying”

  1. As I was waiting in the Dr.’s office, I was bored and noticed a National Geographic magazine on the table. Normally I don’t read it or give it any credibility but this issue was about “ten unusual vacation spots” and I decided to look at it. When I opened it up and began to read, I discovered there was not one word about the unusual sights, activities or accommodations. It was only about how “global warming was melting the glaciers!” How “global warming was killing off all of the wildlife!” How “global warming and drought was killing off all of the trees!” I quietly put it back and resumed twiddling my thumbs.

  2. Government employee ‘climate scientists,’ and other grant sucking parasite so called scientists should be included in the list with satellites, balloons, ice cores, tree rings, anything from the IPCC, the green machine media, politicians, liberal useful idiots, and the list goes on.

  3. Climate alarmists are not and never have been about climate or the environment. They are only using it as an excuse to usher in their one-world udopia.

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