7 thoughts on “Baboon advocate and warmist Jane Goodall calls U.S. presidential election ‘heinous’”

  1. Dr. Fruit fly has not done science in over 20 some years and that is me being nice! He makes me sad that he came back from uni in the states to Canada ?

  2. So how does one get a PHD without first getting a bachelors or masters degree?

    JANE GOODALL: I think it really started a long time ago. When I went to study chimpanzees in 1960, I hadn’t even been to college. And when I went to Cambridge two years later, because my—

    AMY GOODMAN: Where did you go to study them?

    JANE GOODALL: Cambridge—oh, I went to Gombe National Park in Tanzania. It was Tanganyika back then, all that time ago in 1960. And after I’d been there for about two years, my mentor, the late Louis Leakey, told me I had to get a degree. He got me a place in Cambridge straight into a Ph.D., because he said there was no time for a B.A.

  3. When did she become an expert on the climate? Her entire life has been spent in the jungle studying apes! Now she is being put forward as a climate expert. This is just the same as David Suzuki, a geneticist putting himself forward as a climate expert. This is the real problem with climate science, individuals who have done research in areas far from climate science and weather put their names out there as climate experts and people (particularly politicians) believe them because of their reputation.

  4. No more heinous than any other process of selecting a leader. Hereditary? Trial by combat? Coup? Civil war?

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