5 thoughts on “At CDC, A Debate Behind Recommendations on Cellphone Risk”

  1. A case of evolution of bureaucratic insanity. Note that solar energy is 100 mW/Cm^2 which is more radiation per unit area for heating that the cell phone.

  2. I’m surprised that they’re not wringing their hands about the electromagnetic soup that exists in any modern house. Give them a chance and they’ll soon (pretend to) discover the “dangers” of electric appliances of all types.

    This is all just a power play, the floating of a trial balloon in front of the ignorant and fearful to see if they can extend their mandate and get more funding. Most people will just ignore them inasmuch as the benefits of cellphones and smartphones outweigh by a vast margin the supposed risks of their use.

    If people really want to worry about something genuine, then try worrying about a NEO smashing into the planet, megatsunamis, nuclear winters and all that. Or how about a caldera blowout? Now *those* really would screw up everybody’s day.

    Just a thought.


  3. I would think that the normal flow of blood through the area would have no problem carrying away the heat generated by 200mW spread over several cubic inches of skin. As the article states it it not ionizing radiation.

  4. General Surgeon’s Warning – reported – Cellphone Radiation causes cancerous tumors. I had a flyer once with their website for confirmation – suppose it must still be out there for consideration.

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