6 thoughts on “AP tries to debunk Ted Cruz on climate”

  1. Some great comments, and truly shows the underlying agenda of AP which sets the standards of journalism. to get published you have to meet the “AP style” … which actually controls what you can say. One big reason for the explosion of the Social Media, it makes serious readers investigate and research what the facts really are. Most have a lot to do with the play on words, and phrases that stand alone they mean the same thing. Thanks for the Comments…

  2. AP apparently does not read their own copy. They claim Cruz says “no significant warming”, and Mears claims the satellite data shows “warming, albeit relatively little”. AP wants to make this into a disagreement when it is really just a ‘half-full – half-empty’ situation.

  3. If the modelers “cranked” the greenhouse effect that’s produced by the 30,000 or so ppmv of H2O molecules that are present in the atmosphere into their algorithms, would the amount of warming that is being measured over the past 2 decades then be more in line with the amount of increase of CO2 in the atmosphere? It seems it would have to be closer that the ridiculous disconnect from measured reality that they are getting currently.

  4. seems to me that “no significant warming” is the same as “relatively little” … case closed … Cruz is right …

  5. Surely it is very simple to quote actual facts so that there is no difference of opinions or are the ‘so called’ scientists fudging the issue – if they are right then give us the facts please

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