6 thoughts on “800 million children die every year?”

  1. Typical propaganda from the UN. The real agenda is world depopulation. They don’t give a damn about children dying, or anyone else except themselves, and their Globalist bosses. Oh yea. they’re gonna get right on it just you wait and see.

  2. Figure is ludicrous, but many die from smoke related diseases in the 3rd world because of cooking in huts and shanties.

  3. Sounds like the “tobacco related deaths in the US”. The figures we were given of annual tobacco related deaths in the US exceeded the population of India.

  4. As of 28/01/2016, 6:09 pm (time zone unspecified, I am posting as of 3:19 pm CST), the number has been amended to “800,000”.

  5. tadchem. I pointed the error out to them, and noted that it was typical CAGW scaremongering. They deleted my comment and made the change with no notification or attribution. Exactly what one would expect.

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