4 thoughts on “WV Paper: EPA — Why be bothered with following the law?”

  1. It is a peculiarity of ‘those who would be rulers’ that they believe the rules they create are for the ‘benefit’ of their subjects, and need not apply to themselves. This goes back at least as far as Nero and Caligula.

  2. Congress have rendered themselves into a supernumerary, virtually meaningless and almost totally powerless redundancy. If our state governments fail to step up and put a stop to this abuse of this once great nation, then all truly is lost.

  3. So what is new. Under the Obama regime, the only law that matters is the laws he creates or approves. Congress does not matter at all under his regime. If he feels he is doing the right thing in his mind than that is the law.

  4. States need to reply with some lawlessness of their own and simply refuse to allow illegal epa rules to be enforced within their borders.

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