4 thoughts on “What Happens When Mother Earth Gets Angry”

  1. STEVE MILLOY: Are you a paid denier? That might explain your comments. The satellite data you cling to was anamolous and in error. It was that only of Paraguay? It changes the average by 3%.

  2. Would someone like to send this guy a list of subjects he could write about that he has some factual knowledge of – he sure is wasting both his and our time with his meaningless fairytale rhetoric!

  3. In the opinion of this guy, Pachamama is really po’ed about something but I don’t think it would be CO2 that is the object of her ire since CO2 is good for the health of all her chillins. Besides, molecular water vapor, H2O molecules, is responsible for 100 times more than CO2 of the planets greenhouse effect.
    So much molecular water vapor in the atmosphere must be what has Pachamama’s panties in a bunch.

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