11 thoughts on “WaPo Letter: We, Earth’s people, are a ‘bad’ virus”

  1. Don’t forget about an article written a few years ago by a couple of scientists who stated that the future of the planet depended on genetically modifying the human race to be smaller, browner and more ‘docile’. You’d think any scientists would stay as far away as possible from anything that whiffed of ‘Mengele’. Another glimpse inside minds of hardcore ‘environmentalists’.

  2. An environmental group in Washington State aims to restore the environment to what it was before the arrival of the white man. Washington now has over 7 million people. A hint of what it was before a massive influx of settlers may be found in the 1880 census when Washington territory had about 3500 white people and an estimated 20,000 American Indians. It seems to me that to achieve the goals of this ‘environmental’ group one must first get rid of about 7 million people!

  3. I am trying to figure out how to tell my kids they are a bad virus and that they are infecting the planet, just two days after Christmas! They were so happy, loving and full of wonder and hope! Darn it!

    Imagine living in this guy’s skull, scary indeed.

  4. It’s grossly hypocritical to not kill yourself if you think you’re a disease. I also think it’s racist to not live in ghettos or lock your doors or put up fences.

  5. Yes, Mother Earth needs to rid herself of the blight called humanity….well, not the educated, right connected, liberal thinking, eco-aware author and his ilk…just those other non-descript types, people of color, 3rd world types, conservatives, climate deniers…you know..THOSE PEOPLE….they are bad for the planet….only the one’s that do what the elite-rulers tell them to do, should be allowed on the planet…..

    Bring on the guillotines !!!!

  6. @David Middleton

    Because when you push and question Mr. Waters hard enough you’ll discover that he’s really talking about those icky black and brown people, plus all those awful people in the South and Flyover States who own guns and want to be left alone.

    His viral population notions don’t apply to him of course. Nooo. He’s educated and lives in Bethesda, knows all the right people, says all the right things, supports all the right causes.

    And he knows better than you what’s good for you, because, well, you’re stupid and he’s not, and you can’t be trusted to make a decision, and have to be told what to do, micromanaged on every little thing.

    People in the old Soviet Union would spot his type immediately: the zealous true believer, the Nomenklatura who reserved special and better stores, housing and roads for their use alone, leaving the lower orders to scrimp by with only what he, and others like him, thought that they ought to have.

    In short, he’s a fraud and poser who’s taken an essential truth – stressed and crowded populations *are* indeed prone to plagues and collapse – and used it to advocate the decline in numbers of anybody who doesn’t remind him of himself and who might disagree with him.

    Hope this helps.

    Just a thought.


  7. Why doesn’t Mr. Waters help ” Mother Earth” by starting the elimination human process by starting with himself.

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