7 thoughts on “WaPo editor calls GOP ‘extreme’ for NOT siding with Exxon on climate”

  1. On 24 OCT 1945, Republican capitalists took the bait from USSR communists and agreed to unite nations because Better Red Than Dead

    On 6 DEC 2015, Republican capitalists became both Red and Dead

  2. Most of your fossil companies support action against climate change because without their support nothing gets passed. So they get all kinds of goodies worth billions handed to them for their support. During the cap and trade fiasco they supported the bill because they were being rewarded with huge numbers of credits to turn into cash.

    It’s propaganda that a carbon tax will be returned to the people. The Feds and the states will confiscate most if not all to cover their huge debt loads. For some it will be to drastically increase War Department spending.

  3. I believe Exxon is trying to buy good PR. They know that ‘green’ is popular among the chattering classes, and they want the retail sales. Meanwhile the Greens continue to demonize ‘big oil’, capitalists, and anybody with really deep pockets – a de facto extortion racket.
    As long as I can remember, financial interests have quietly funded both sides of any controversial issue so they can ‘own’ a piece of the winner, no matter what the outcome is. A generally good investment strategy when applied to ‘honest ‘ politicians – i.e. those who stay bought.

  4. I have watched a giant international web of deceit close in worldwide over society over the last fifty-five years (1960-2015). No physicist in government, industry or academia anywhere now has the courage to:

    1. Publicly admit, or
    2. Publicly deny that

    The Sun is the “Creator & Sustainer” of every atom, life and planet in the solar system..

    That illustrates the state of worldwide fear gripping humanity today.

  5. When is everyone going to realize it will take 100 years to reverse the presence of the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere! And that is if we destroy all automobiles or some other drastic end to CO2 entering the atmosphere!
    If the computer models are correct, which is highly unlikely, it is time to prepare for rising sea levels not making token attempts to return to pre-industrial levels of CO2 which is, realistically, impossible!!!

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