4 thoughts on “Video: Reporters shout, jump for joy after climate change agreement”

  1. The predominantly left wing media is slowly but surely destroying modern countries around the world.
    Who in power is going to call them out on it? Trump? Someone else?

  2. Perhaps this will satisfy the enviro-crazies so that they will stop their protests at least for a while. And maybe, in the interregnum, some semblance of sanity might return to the world of politics and government.

  3. If, as it appears may be happening, we are entering the cooling phase of the 60 year or so global climate cycle, will the warmists now be taking credit for taking actions that saved the planet?

  4. The toothless treaty from the UN’s COP-21 conference shows world leaders woke up and realized they might be seen, or even convicted, as TRAITORS to their own country if they signed agreements that surrendered their country’s governance over to the United Nations.

    By pulling all the teeth from the treaty, world leaders hope to retain political power long enough to gracefully bow out of seventy years (1945-2015) of deceitful “consensus science” about

    1. Solar physics, &
    2. Nuclear physics.

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