4 thoughts on “Vatican: CO2 emissions are a sin, like abortion”

  1. Anyone who demonizes CO2 should go back to the drawing board to realise that ‘life’ depends 100% upon the continuous supply of this pretty rare gas – without CO2 all plant life (including trees) would die and with out plant life the worlds supply of oxygen (via photosynthesis) would disappear along with ourselves and all other living creatures – and this rubbish from the person who is supposed to be Gods representative here on earth who obviously does not understand the basic fundamentals of nature (along unfortunately with lots of politicians and money grubbing, so called scientists – let alone the green rabble.

  2. Guess what? I am a Christian… fundamental, Evangelical, Protestant… and it is my humble opinion that the Pope does not tell me, what is my sin or not my sin… Only God has that authority (Not the Pope)… to set the standard for sin…

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