UN Green Climate Fund didn’t even collect last year’s paltry pledges

There’s no money for poor countries. They will not be cutting emissions.

Ninety percent short of the $100 billion-per-year “commitment,” the Green Climate Fund only “raised” part of the 10%.

The New York Times reports:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.54.39 AM

All very suspicious though as the GCF has launched projects worth only $168 million so far.

One thought on “UN Green Climate Fund didn’t even collect last year’s paltry pledges”

  1. What are the commitments to the Green Climate Fund so far.
    Answer: $5.8 Billion US so far; another $4.3B in almost commitments.

    How much has actually been paid in so far in cash:
    Answer: $236 Million and Sweden has a promissory note for another $485 Million:
    Spent on Administration so far: $74 million.

    How much spent on Climate projects:
    Answer: Zero
    Committed to projects: $168 Million

    One really has to know how to dig to find out this information.

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