6 thoughts on “Time for Sir David Attenborough to stop pontificating”

  1. IMHO This a person who through various means has climbed to the top of the ‘nature’ journalists heap. He constantly states all manner of information as ‘FACT’ when in reality it is simply his or his close associates ‘OPINION’ – I have no problem with anyone having their opinion, in fact I would always encourage it however, while they are both small words the reality of both are millions of miles apart. Some are calling for him to go – Because of the amount of false info he has disseminated, I have been calling for him to go for over 30 years – The David Bellamy affair is a great example of just how screwed the ‘so called’ journalistic leaders in our society actually are!

  2. A rise of 2 degrees over 5 years is STILL insignificant when a weather front can bring a change of over 20° C
    (36° F) in less than a half an hour, an event that is uncommon and remarkable but with no long-term adverse effects:
    The life forms enduring such a change do not care whether the quibbler calls it ‘weather’ of ‘climate change’. They are able to adapt anyway.

  3. Perhaps he likes his job. There was a skeptic in the BBC, his name was David Bellamy. He did not tow the party line, so he had to go.

    I agree, get rid of the BBC, and take him with them.

  4. You are too hard on Sir David.

    Clearly he perceives a rise of 2 degrees over 5 years, or so he implies.

    He may not have noticed that temperatures have not risen in nearly 20 years.

    It would not seem unreasonable to expect him to consult the records before saying things.

    Time for Sir David to go, and take BBC with him.

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