3 thoughts on “Small atoll islands may grow, not sink, as sea levels rise”

  1. But this was known over 5 years ago
    Islands in Pacific are growing, study says
    By Eloise Gibson
    4:00 AM Thursday Jun 3, 2010
    Pacific Islands

    The Changing World
    They are the poster children for fears that rising sea levels will swallow island nations.
    But a study of Pacific Islands over the past 60 years shows many are fighting back against climate change by actually increasing in land area.
    Aerial photographs and high resolution satellite images of 27 islands taken since the 1950s found only four islands had decreased in land area – despite sea level rises of about 12cm – and most of those were uninhabited.

    * 27 islands studied.
    * Four shrunk; 23 stayed the same or grew.
    * In Tuvalu: seven islands in one of the nine atolls grew more than 3 per cent on average.
    * Study did not include Tuvalu’s most populous island.
    * In Kiribati: Three most populous islands, Betio, Bairiki and Nanikai, each grew between 12.5 and 30 per cent.

  2. Darwin explained how coral built atolls 150 years ago. The coral reefs track sea levels by growing in rising phases and dying off in declining phases. Apparently, the Ice Ages are now classified secret eyes only.

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