4 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger: Americans confused by ‘miscommunication’ of science”

  1. Sorry Arnold, Nevertheless, there is no “mis”communication in science, there is junk science and good science, until they get rid of the junk science bought and paid for, there will be no miscommunication. Just liberals pushing the environment part of the Agenda 21 (sustainable development) of the UN’s global socialist government…

  2. Maybe Arnold is wrong and has been misled.

    This is why GHGs have no net thermal effect:


    and this is how solar variations account for observed climate changes:


    Anyway, what is it about modern societies that believe ‘celebrities’ to have some unique ability to perceive truth?

    If anything, their focus on acquiring celebrity status is likely to detract their broader analytical capabilities.

    Maybe celebrities are actually a bit ‘thick’ ?

  3. We understand perfectly, Arnold.
    The Warmunists are lying and we know the truth.

    Only the ones buying the bilge from the left are confused.

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