4 thoughts on “San Diego Vows to Move Entirely to Renewable Energy in 20 Years”

  1. As a San Diegan myself I can tell you that this is an utterly vacuous photo-op gesture. That’s all it is. Excuses will be made, no one will be accountable.

  2. In the final analysis, it will be (Sing it out now. You know the tune). “In the year 2535, when few of those who set the goal are still alive.” It will be 2 decades into the future and on someone else’s watch that failure will become final.

  3. Correction: “San Diego, the country’s eighth-largest city, became the largest American municipality to COMMIT TO transitioning to using 100 percent renewable energy”
    We’ll be grinning as they continue to fall farther and farther behind on this program over the coming years.

  4. Stupid idea. Question: If 100% of the country’s “renewable” energy resources were allocated to San Diego alone, could that meet San Diego’s needs? I don’t think so, especially at night.

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