One thought on “Rep. Lamar Smith responds to Michael Mann, NYTimes”

  1. I am truly amazed that M. Mann has a shred of credibility left after all his hanky panky that’s been revealed during his legal jihad against Mark Steyn currently working its way through the cesspool of DC jurisprudence. If you don’t believe Steyn’s brilliant analysis and take down of the AGW Cartel, then check out his best seller “A Disgrace to the Profession” in which Mann’s peers eviscerate not only his hockey stick but pretty much his entire body of work.

    The ravings of Mann & Co. would be ludicrous if they were not backed by big money Leftists, Progressives and their powerful friends in the ruling juntas of the world including the Democrat party here in the US. As we have seen recently in some of the Congressional hearings, this is not only about shutting down free speech, but worse, they want to shut down and destroy our entire energy based economic system under the guise of “saving the planet.”

    The Steyn/Cruz hearing was fascinating and informative in so many ways, but what I found frightening was to see the glorified ignorance and ill will that was displayed by some members of Congress who refused to acknowledge all the factual material that was presented that showed what a fraud and a scam the whole climate change movement has become. These people, through their obscene regulators like the EPA honcho Gina McCarthy, are rapidly causing our cost of living to rise dramatically even though we have seen a technological revolution in oil and gas production that has caused prices to drop to levels not seen in decades.

    We should be eternally grateful to Mark Steyn, Steve Milloy and all the other truth tellers who are really trying to save the planet and the people who live on it.

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