3 thoughts on “NOAA admits global warming isn’t causing warm winter weather”

  1. If they have any sense they understand that they’ve got to walk-back this Frankenstein monster they’ve helped create. But, don’t let them off the hook!

    NASA and NOAA both declared 2014 “hottest” before they backed down and assigned probabilities to all years instead, the net result being that it was less than 50/50 that 2014 was the only recent “hottest”. The real LIE was that they clearly understood that the difference in global temperature among recent year candidates is so miniscule that it’s well within the uncertainty error, so meaningless. Any person with an IQ greater than a potted plant understands should understand that. Their original claim became even more ludicrous when it was discovered that the exact same calculation using the two weather satellites instead of terrestrial data, showed 2014 to be either 3rd or 6th “hottest” – both implying a short term cooling underway.

    But, alas, this hasn’t discouraged these same folks from dumping junk SST into the “terrestrial” mix which has a known high temp bias. They evidently weren’t satisfied the the 3000+ ARGO buoy data which was designed specifically to determine ocean temperature.

  2. Interesting that a potential 1 degree temp difference is “insignificant”, but when they are declaring “warmest whatever in history”, they consider .001’s of degree’s terrible.

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