2 thoughts on “Nicaragua defies UN; Tries to hold UN climate hysterics feet to fire”

  1. Please forward to Oquist (or send me contact information on Oquist) so he will know: The USSR was abbreviated and expanded worldwide as the UN on 24 October 1945:

    The UN’s Climate Conference is the latest in seventy years (1945-2015) of ‘scientific’ deception about the Creator and Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system,


    The last of ~500 years (1543-2015) denying the influence on humanity of the fountain of energy Copernicus reported at the gravitational center of the solar system in 1543.


    After atomic bombs revealed the Sun’s real source of energy in 1945, B2FH published a pseudo-‘scientific’ story of creation (element synthesis in stars) in 1957.


    B2FH’s values of neutron-capture cross sections and abundances of seventy-two (72) types of atoms produced by neutron-capture in the Sun in fact refute the conclusions of the B2FH paper, as noted at the 2005 Lunar Science Conference [ O. Manuel, W. A. Myers, Y. Singh and M. Pleess, “Solar abundance of elements from neutron-capture cross sections,” Thirty-Sixth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, paper number 1033 (March 2005)]:


    Those data show the interior of the Sun is mostly iron (Fe), as was well known throughout the scientific community in 1945. (See pp 153-154 of Fred Hoyle’s 1994 autobiography on sudden changes in solar physics in 1946): http://www.amazon.com/Home-Where-WindBlows-Cosmologists/dp/093570227X

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