One thought on “Krauthammer: Paris climate accord follows pattern of useless agreements”

  1. The intent of these useless agreements is to quietly move society under a onte-world government without a revolution or charges of TREASON against all the world leaders who violated the national constitutions of their own governments for this seemingly noble purpose.

    I am an environmentalist and personally applaud many of the improvements in social institutions since nations were united on 24 October 1945, but . . .

    a new world order of justice for all cannot be built on deceit about the unreported events at Konan, Korea in Aug-Sept 1945 that frightened world leaders into promoting lies about the source of energy in heavy atoms – like uranium – and ordinary stars – like the Sun – to avoid possible nuclear annihilation:

    Ancient religions and philosophies of life were instructions for living in reality, the pulsar-center solar system. That is why a false conflict arose between science and religion after WWII:

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