4 thoughts on “John Kerry responds to James Hansen’s ‘fraud’ condemnation of Paris ‘deal’”

  1. COP21 What ever became of the previous “conferences of partners” clean energy alternative “investments” ? Pollution seems but a smoke screen! If we con;t to depend on the faces (votes) at COP 21, we are play dough/ silly puddy under their thumbs. Trust them? Who is them? International Energy “partners”? Are they related to the IMF international monetary fund? Sec. John Kerry is a proud member of the Skull and Bones secret society THE END

  2. From The Skeptic’s Dictionary:
    Confabulation is an unconscious process of creating a narrative that the narrator believes is true but that is demonstrably false. The term is popular in psychiatric circles to describe narratives of patients with brain damage or a psychiatric disorder who make up stories about what they perceive or remember, stories that are known to be either completely fictional or in great part fantasy but which are put forth confidently as accurate and truthful.

    Confabulate/confabulation/confabulator are seldom used but highly useful words, especially in the areas of national and international politics and diplomacy. The words also fit in with much of climate so-called science.

  3. Aside from the merits (or lack thereof) of the arguments, it is astounding to me to read that Sec Kerry really believes in this transparency hogwash. He fell into the same trap on the Iran deal where he was completely snookered into believing the same thing. He learns nothing — his mind is closed.

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