4 thoughts on “Is the end near for the LNT model for cancer from radiation?”

  1. Now really, is this the new JunkScience? This is hardly anything more that Steve Milloy’s twitter feed. Interesting as it is, I can follow him on twitter, and though @john1282 sometimes went overboard, his articles were at least written for JS, not inserted screenshots.

  2. That is great news!

    Irrational fear of nuclear radiation was endorsed by government policies after WWII – for reasons that are unclear.

    I will post a link to Galen Winsor’s video on this subject.

  3. This amounts to an acknowledgement that life forms do not simply roll over and die when threatened by an environmental change, but to some extent they have developed the ability to survive changing conditions. On the face of it, the fact life in general has somehow manage to survive the end of every Ice Age in geological history suggests that the fear of Armageddon from a warming earth is (to borrow a phrase from Mark Twain) ‘somewhat exaggerated.’

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